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There's something undeniably special about custom home building. No two homes are alike, and that's what makes each one so unique. From the moment you step onto your new property, you can just feel the sense of accomplishment that comes with having built your very own home. As a custom home builder, Chateau Construction, LLC builds not only in Post Falls, but in the surrounding areas of Coeur d’Alene, Hayden, Rathdrum, Athol, and Spirit Lake, Idaho.

Your first steps to owning a custom-built home.

-Secure your financing. Meet with a reputable lender and discuss opportunities available for financing your new construction home in Kootenai County.
-Own your land. We do ask that clients seeking to build a new home already have their land secured. This saves valuable time and gets you in your home quicker.
-Call Chateau Construction, LLC! Choosing to build a new construction home is an exciting decision for you and your family and one you’ll be happy you made. Now let’s get started!

New home being built

A home that fits you perfectly.

At our initial consultation, we discuss floor plans. Some customers come with their own blueprints and others show up with pages and pages of ideas; that works too! We’ll select an architect and design team to put your ideas to paper. Once drafted and engineered, our expert home builders will help you decide the best location on the property for your home. If you’re wanting a bright and airy walk-out basement, for example, the location of your structure on the property is key. Looking for the best view? Location and orientation on the property while adhering to city or county codes are important. We’ll pull and obtain all permits required for the construction of your new home and work with various building departments and jurisdictions to ensure your home meets all codes and regulations. From our very first meeting, we'll be thinking about how to apply your proposed design and floor plan so it meets your budget and gives you the outcome you’re wanting.

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When you hire Chateau Construction, LLC for your custom home build, you’ll find right away we are meticulous in the process. We work hard to ensure the job doesn't exceed the budget and that potential delays are recognized ahead of time and handled accordingly. Our job as your general contractor is to oversee the entire building process from design to completion. Call Chateau Construction, LLC today at 208-660-5004. We’ve been doing this a long time and our home building experts are good at what they do! Choosing the right home builder does make a difference.

Your dream home is finally realized.

Find out for yourself why others have trusted their projects with us. You work hard and time spent at home is valuable. If you've been waiting to start enjoying the many benefits of homeownership, now may be the time to do it. You can get a custom-built home that is perfect for your needs and budget. You'll also be able to take advantage of important tax breaks that are available to homeowners. Call us today at 208-660-5004!

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